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Explore new worlds. Experience limitless possibilities.

RichCast: where games, audiobooks, and podcasts come alive.

Shape stories. Influence outcomes. Choice your destiny.

Break free from passive consumption. Dive into interactive adventures.

Fiction meets gaming. Puzzles merge with narratives.

Listeners become authors. Embrace the power within.

Love audiobooks, podcasts, video games? Discover RichCast.

The Team

RichCast is the brainchild of three highly respected and experienced UK games industry veterans: Neil Campbell, plus Philip and Andrew Oliver – The Oliver Twins.


With 20+ years in the games industry, Campbell co-founded Viewpoint Games and boasts an enviable reputation as a games developer and designer, having worked on major franchises such as Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Games industry legends the Oliver Twins have created hundreds of titles over the past 40 years, including the ultra-popular ‘80s character Dizzy, as well as having established two previous studios.

We’ve brought together a team of talented and passionate people to help bring the vision to life, who’ll be programming, writing and managing the studio.


We’ll be hiring as we continue to grow, so we can build out new features in the app and to press forward with our plans for a library of ground-breaking interactive audio content.

We’re working together with some exciting content creators, to bring players ground-breaking, high quality launch content. We’ll be commissioning more and more titles as we go, and would love to hear from writers who are interested in being part of the new wave of interactive audio fiction.

Our Ethos

We want to be part of a positive future for the video games, tech and digital publishing industries.


We believe successful businesses can be a force for good and work to an ethos of decency, good faith and positivity.


We believe in fostering a welcoming and supportive community; forging respectful relationships with team members, creators and players; being generous and supportive to creators; respecting and encouraging creativity of all levels; promoting inclusion and diversity in every sense.

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