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Art Outsource Manager


A contract or permanent role to work remotely.


Panivox is looking for an Art Outsource Manager, to source and manage art creation for the many projects that are being created on RichCast. 

This role will see you taking ownership of art creation on an ever-growing list of titles.  Deciding what art style works for a particular title, working out the brief for the work, choosing a contractor and efficiently and effectively managing the process through to completion.

You are expected to have proven experience in a similar role and be able to aid communication via sketches  as required.

You will be expected to learn RichCast - particularly the Visual elements.


Full-time employee (preferable) or contractor to work remotely. Competitive salary and an exciting opportunity to source unique and varied art for a truly ground-breaking App with a very experienced and well funded team.


  • Manage the Visual aspects for multiple RichCast projects simultaneously. Each project is typically developed in around 1-2 months.

  • Decide upon a style for each project taking into account the budget and target audience.

  • Work with the Panivox team, to agree on the scope, style, quality and quantity of art required.

  • Find freelance artists, create detailed briefs, arrange contracts and manage the art production, giving constructive feedback and guidance where required.

  • Work with IP holders when creating RichCast experiences using third party IP. 

  • Create compositional art demo’s inside our RichCast toolset

  • Source and manage a library of community usage art assets (media)

  • Support marketing and PR, by sourcing art assets as required

  • Support the artists within our community to raise the bar of art in RichCast projects 

  • (*Art includes: illustrations, photos, 3D renders, animations and videos)


  • A minimum of 2 years experience managing art outsourcers within a games company

  • Create accurate briefs that describe contents of scenes accurately

  • Create appropriate technical restrictions guidelines

  • Be able to sketch composition scenes for guiding outsourcers

  • Able to manage a large variety of art styles and formats. Illustrations to animated, to movies.

  • Good skills within 2D and 3D art packages and video editors

  • Maintain schedules and ensure good timely deliveries of art for all projects

  • Business negotiation skills

  • A positive, can-do attitude

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to manage many projects simultaneously

  • Ability to get the most out of artists by ensuring they are very well guided 

  • Ability to work in a small, agile team

Bonus Skills:

  • Ability to create professional 2D & 3D Art

  • Willingness to be daring to experiment with all mediums

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