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Community Manager/
Games Designer


PANIVOX is looking for an enthusiastic innovative Community Manager to work with Game Designers on an exciting new creative platform called RichCast. 

We are currently sourcing new and exciting projects to be created within RichCast in preparation for a full mobile launch so that when that time comes, we have a large, diverse catalog of content for users to enjoy.

The role will entail managing and engaging with our growing community of Creators and Players, outreach to potential collaborators and partners, and providing assistance to the team in project creation, testing and improvement of new and existing RichCast projects.

The position would suit someone with an interest in gaming, interactive content, creative writing and technology.


Reports to Senior Community Manager.

Full time - remote working. (UK Based)


PANIVOX is developing an exciting new entertainment platform called RichCast, which is designed to allow anyone to create engaging interactive content without the need to be able to code or be very technically minded.. 

We began our early access phase in late 2021 for creators on PC and Mac, with plans for a full launch in mid-2022 on mobile.

The successful candidate will need to be a great communicator. You’ll help creatives make the most from RichCast and guide them using a variety of channels (Email, Discord, Slack & Youtube - and help marketing with content for Instagram, Twitter & TikTok). Helping build and support our ever growing community of creators through launch and beyond.

The community manager role will require you to be hands on with new and existing RichCast titles and you will be involved with improving each one in the lead up to them being made available to the public. 

This can involve project testing (gameplay, bugs, art, audio etc) and implementing changes where necessary, or feeding back to the relevant team member. The role will allow you to work directly with RichCast’s pool of creators (from hobbyists through to professional writers) and help guide them as they create their project.

The position will involve outreach to creators (in conjunction with other team members) to ensure a steady stream of new and diverse content is commissioned as well as implementing art and audio where necessary. 

Importantly, you must be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the content that we are creating, which will involve designers, writers, authors, actors and other partners.

Attention to detail and strong organizational skills are essential, as is a curiosity and open-mindedness that allows you to experiment with different ways to engage and motivate users.

Whilst the role will largely be focussed on testing and improving RichCast titles, you will work alongside our existing team, to help build upon our ever-growing community. The position will allow you to communicate directly with existing creators in the community to help shape their projects and advise on using RichCast.

You will be helping our team with outreach, getting more Creators on board with RichCast, which in turn will create more new, exciting Titles and ideas.


  • Testing and improving existing RichCast projects.

  • Excellent English and Grammar Skills

  • Outreach to creators (writers, influencers, game creators, artists, sound designers etc) to build the RichCast catalog of titles.

  • Building example content within RichCast.

  • Reporting on bugs and feature requests related to RichCast.

  • Creating text and video user guides for RichCast.

  • Monitor and moderate community activity in all channels.

  • Research on similar and competing projects.


  • Experience in community management.

  • Experience in game creation/testing, creating interactive content.

  • Understanding of art and audio implementation in a gaming/interactive story setting.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Highly organized, thorough and self-motivated work ethic.

  • General knowledge of the entertainment industry (games, music, video, podcasts & audio books).

  • Ability to work remotely in a small, agile team.

  • Bonus Skills

  • Created a project in Twine, Inform or other Interfactive Fiction program

  • Taken part in a Game Jam

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